Electric City: An Actor's Journey

A Behind the scenes look through the actor's eyes

What is Electric City?

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In 1993, the blue collar town of Schenectady, New York finds itself in an economical decline. The General Electric power plant that once offered this small city growth, has now outsourced and taken the small population remaining downwards in it’s decline. As summer begins a broken family faces the beginning of the end. Tammy, a single mother, has battled fierce drug addiction as long as her three children have been alive, always on the losing side. The oldest son Justin, was raised as the man of the house gaining his values from his surroundings. Synthia the middle child, knowingly or not, fills her desire for a father by following her mother’s dangerous foot steps. This struggling family centers around the young and innocent Brian, who will be forced to grow up in a matter of weeks.Upon receiving an eviction notice, all members of the family begin to drift towards their individual escape and survival plan. Brian takes it upon himself to keep his family from breaking and dividing. Brian begins to uncover the truths about the family he values dearly. With Justin being the father figure in his life, Brian follows him for guidance. Quickly adapting to Justin’s lifestyle, Brian begins to earn money any way he can. Brian fights desperately for his mother’s approval with cash, but Tammy pays it no mind as her relapse is in full effect. Synthia’s search for attention lands her in all the wrong places.

However, Brian finds solace at Electric City Comics, with his Uncle Neil. As their relationship grows closer, and the family’s more dire, Brian’s desperation and eagerness to help his own family take the reigns over Neil’s attempts to help him. As the eviction date nears, and his family’s lives plummet, will Brian be able to save his family? Or will he witness failure in his attempt to take on this responsibility.

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